These Perth Architects don’t exactly take a unique approach towards the way they inculcate and implement their design plans; they take it from their own inspiration of classical architectural philosophies based on ancient aesthetic beliefs and practices.

In this case, they are inspired by the ancient Japanese Zen principle on aesthetics known as Wabi Sabi, an easy legend to remember, by the way. It’s also not a difficult concept to measure because at the heart of the matter is the universal principle of art for art’s sake which, in turn, has its own roots in, what they define as, the beauty of nature. Where this concept is made easier to understand is that simplicity is one of the main architectural themes inhered from the ancient Japanese architectural tradition.

Along with the philosophy of doing things simply, here think of great entrepreneurial minds that have already successfully implemented such practical approaches, comes modesty and honesty. These may be strange concepts for the uninitiated to comprehend, but think about it logically for a moment. When it comes to architectural design, surely simplicity is most effective in enabling the running of a successful business enterprise.

It also fits in nicely with the ethos of sustainable development and, with that, sustainable living. And as a business concern, you will always have pricing in mind, although it must be added that the cheapest price is not a guarantee of premium quality. When you think of sustainability, you can also think about the resourcefulness and inventiveness that goes into sourcing natural materials and the effective utilization of living and working spaces.

Added to all of this is still the ability and gem of being able to create art for art’s sake.

Many women have asked why a man would choose to be a sugar daddy. If they have the financial means and personality to have anything they want, then why not seek out a perfect lifetime mate instead of the short term relationships that come with sugaring. The reasons of sugar daddies are always different, but generally there are two main purposes for choosing the sugar lifestyle.

Connection without attachment

For many wealthy men, the time and commitment it takes to a relationship is difficult to incorporate with their everyday life. They want someone who is available on their own terms to help them as necessary. What they don’t want is someone who needs to know their every move and looks to them to cater to every aspect of their lifestyle. Through sugaring, these men are able to have short term connections that fill their emotional and physical needs without having to worry about long term attachments.

Variety and Excitement

Our society hates to admit it, but there are plenty of individuals in this world who grow bored with the same ‘ole, same ‘ole in their lives. Being a sugar daddy gives men variety and excitement. They might have multiple sugar babies for different aspects of their life. From the staple event partner to the woman who embarks on every adventure with him, being a daddy means that he can have his pick of the litter.

At the end of the day, sugar daddies are just regular men who are seeking what we all want – human connection. Their lives might be too busy for big relationships or they may never want to “settle down” which is why this alternative lifestyle works for them. Being a sugar daddy is just one of the many different relationships dynamics that exists in the world today and is openly embraced by those who enjoy it.