One of the best things about playing practical jokes on your dad is that he will still continue to love you afterward. Practical jokes are a great way to celebrate Father’s Day and April Fool’s day. Here are a few read funny jokes for kids here that you can use to play on your dad. However, keep in mind that when you’re playing practical jokes, always be careful- you don’t want to do anything that is dangerous.

1)    Wrap a rubber band around the kitchen sprayer handle. Then, when your dad starts to wash the dishes, he’ll get water sprayed in his face.

2)    Put an apple in your dad’s lunchbox before he leaves for work- but before you do, cut a small hole in it and insert a gummy worm.

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3)    Make your dad a surprise birthday cake for his birthday. The surprise will be that when he tries to cut into it, he’ll find a wooden block. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you have a real cake as back up to cheer him up.

4)    The “exploding” golf ball is always a good one for dads who enjoy playing golf in their spare time. Make some golf balls out of compacted powder and replace his real golf balls with them. Then, when he hits it, it will explode in a smoke cloud.

5)    Very carefully cover the toilet bowl with saran wrap- then, when he goes to use the restroom, he’ll be in for a surprise.

6)    One of the classic practical jokes is the whoopee cushion- they’ll always provide a great laugh. Place it on your dad’s chair just before dinner time to give everyone a surprise right before dinner.

7)    Take the hair dryer and add a little bit of baby powder to it. Then, when he goes to dry his hair after showering, he’ll get a blast of white powder in his hair.

There are lots of funny jokes that can be played on people. However, always be careful and don’t do anything that could potentially be dangerous to anyone involved.