This is the era of global warming and the effects of greenhouse gases have taken its toll on humanity. There is an urgent call from humanity to explore alternate sources of energy. This has resulted in less use of materials that have the capacity to increase global warming to alarming levels. This has affected mankind greatly. There has been a clamor for using paper and disposable plates instead of the glass and porcelain plates. These plates are made from bio degradable material and hence can be recycled safely without causing any harm to the society as a whole. These plates are made from plants and hence the toxicity factor is also nonexistent. These plates and cups have found extensive use in the catering industry and one can find such plates and cups being used by every catering contractor in town. This makes their job also very easy as these plates need not be washed to be reused.

They have to be separated from other form of plastic garbage and then only can they be recycled satisfactorily. The recycling factor is a great advantage of these plates and hence they have found a tremendous market in today’s economy. Today no function is held without the use of such plates and cups. These articles have become common nowadays to a great extent. This has resulted in a big boom in their manufacture as many small scale industries have sprung up to manufacture these plates and cups. This has provided livelihood to many a family. It is recommended that people should resort to using these plates on a regular basis and stop using glass or porcelain plates. These plates are very cheap and economical to use. Their usefulness has been greatly recognized today as more and more people have come forward to use them in future.