Dogs will be dogs, but when you’ve been bitten, there’s a whole new can of worms opened. Dog bites can cause serious injury and once they’ve attacked it’s hard to get them to back down. If you’ve been bitten by a dog it is a good idea to talk to a Santa Ana personal injury lawyer at once. You might have a personal injury case.

Do you have a Case?

Sadly not every person who is bitten by a dog has a personal injury claim. In order to have a personal injury case, the owner of the dog must have acted negligently. There are a number of ways that a dog owner can act negligently. Was the dog running loose and off of a leash and a chain? Did the owner fail to control the dog? These are just a couple of examples of cases that might result in lawsuit.


Reasons to File a Lawsuit

If you’ve been dog bitten, the injuries and medical bills are your responsibility to pay by law. But if you were not at fault for the dog bit, should you really have to pay? When you file a lawsuit you see that the person’s responsible for your injuries pay. It is one small way that justice is served even after tragedy has struck.

Talk to a Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyer

Handling a personal injury lawsuit on your own is not something that you want to even attempt to do. Insurance agencies are fighting to pay you as little money as possible but this doesn’t stop the serious injuries that you’ve sustained and the mounds of bills that are piling up. Lawyers ensure that you have a voice that is heard and that justice is served. You might not get such results on your own.