Caralluma is basically a plant that derives its name from the Arabic word of qahr-al-luhum. This word stands for abscess. The literal meaning of this word is wound in the flesh. This word basically also refers to floral odor. Caralluma is a plant that has high amount of medicinal properties. This plant is of great importance and utility. This plant has several species and almost all the species of this plant contain some or the other utility. Most of the species of this plant are very useful from the medicinal point of view. Extracts from the various species of this plant are incorporated in a lot of ayurvedic as well as allopathic medicines. Many ointments and creams have also incorporated the extracts from several species of this very plant.


The most popular and sought after utility of this plant is used for weight loss. This plant is used in making medicines that help in weight loss. Caralluma is a part of the dogbane family and it is a flowering plant. This flowering plants is found in many parts of the world. But this plant is mainly found in Africa. In this part of the world it is found in abundance. Apart from Africa there are many other countries in the world where this plant is found in abundance. This plant is also found in India. Here it is popularly known as a kind of cactus that bears flowers. This plant is also found in other countries of the world like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, southern part of Europe, Canary Islands, etc. they are mostly found in the wild in these countries. People have been using medicines made up of extracts of caralluma for various purposes. People who have used products that help in weight loss have given positive reviews from around the whole world.